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System Integrators

As a system integrator, you will have a good understanding of your customer’s business and requirements. We want to assist you in supporting your customer by supporting you. YASKAWA can provide you with robot application know-how, case studies, training and demonstrate how MOTOMAN products can be integrated into highly productive and profitable automation systems.

YASKAWA is a company you can trust
Any information you disclose to us is treated with the highest confidentiality and we honour the fact that your customer is your customer. We are interested in developing a long term partnership with you from which both our companies can benefit. We will not compete against you and if approached to do so, we will always consult you.

More than just a robot supplier
Apart delivering leading edge robotic technology, you can count on our specific application expertise. For instance, if you are involved in a robotic handling application and you require the skills from an external company for the gripper technology, YASKAWA can supply the robot and gripper as a combined package. In addition we can support you with robot programming, configuration of bus communication protocols, simulation, cycle time evaluation etc. This enhanced scope of supply is a major benefit as it reduces your risk and can yield a cost benefit to your project.

Join the YASKAWA System Integrator network
If you are a System Integrator and interested in working with us, we would be happy to discuss how we can work together and what our qualification procedures are for you to become a YASKAWA Integrator.

For local partners please visit the relevant local website.