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Robots improve manufacturing success and create jobs

More than two million jobs will be created in the next eight years by robots

The International Federation of Robotics (IFR)  announced the publication of its updated research study titled "Positive Impact of Industrial Robots on employment." The study, conducted by METRA MARTECH Limited, London, UK, found that more than two million jobs will be created in the next eight years because of robotics in industry. "Our study proves that robots create jobs," said Gudrun Litzenberger, General Secretary of IFR. "It is a matter of fact that productivity and competiveness are indispensable for a manufacturing enterprise to be successful on the global market. Robotics and automation are the solution. Certain jobs may be reduced by robotics and automation but the study highlights that consequently many more jobs are created!"

Study findings at a glance:

  • Direct employment due to robotics is 4 to 6 million jobs created in world manufacturing through 2011, represented by 3 to 5 jobs created per robot in use.
  • Indirect employment created as a result of robots increases this number to 8 - 10 million jobs.
  • It is projected that 1.9 to 3.5 million jobs will be created by robots in the next eight years.
  • When manufacturing jobs are saved, jobs throughout the community where the factories are located are also saved.

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