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< YASKAWA has developed a standard robotic solution for cutting and welding of lighting masts

Omni-Directional Mobile Robot Platform with MOTOMAN robot

Vetex has developed a mobile platform with a MOTOMAN SIA20F 7 axis robot as well as for the MOTOMAN series of dual arm robots.

The robot and controls are all mounted to the base and are powered from a battery pack. No external power umbilical is required. The Vetex RoboMate is an omni-directional platform for navigating in constrained spaces. The robot features a Robotiq Adaptive Gripper and YASKAWA's MotoSight 2D vision system for MOTOMAN robots. The application is for part handling between different stations or CNC machines.

Whilst still under development, the option of a robot mounted on a mobile platform offers a powerful and flexible solution that could be implemented in the not too distant future for materials handling tasks.

Click here to view a video of the Vetex mobile platform >>>