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Record robot gantry system to weld coal wagons

MOTOMAN, the robotic division of Yaskawa Electric Corporation, has won a contract from Transwerk’s Wagon Build to supply three new robotic manufacturing cells for the welding and manufacturing of new coal wagon bellies. Two of the robot systems will be used for manufacturing of components. However, the third one is the most striking. It is the largest robot gantry system ever sold in the Southern Hemisphere, and it measures an impressive 37 meters in length.

Wagon Build is the largest wagon builder in Southern Africa, it is involved in the manufacturing and assembly of railway freight wagons, supplying up to 500 new wagons per year to the domestic and international markets. The gantry system which has two MOTOMAN-HP6 robots, each connected to a SKS GMAW welding system, will be used to weld the seams of the coal wagon bellies weighing about 7 tons each. The simultaneously working  robots will be connected to the end of a 3-axis XYZ-slide. The bellies will be attached between a rotating head- and tailstock allowing the structure to be rotated 360 degrees during welding.The gantry system has two work stations allowing one belly to be welded while the other is being loaded or unloaded. The whole system has a total of 20 synchronized servo axis, including the rotating  head- and tailstocks, the two robots and the XYZ-slide. The synchronization allows most welds to be done in the down-hand position, at a constant travel speed, while the belly work piece rotates. In addition, the system includes COM_ARC seam finding and seam tracking facilities, and a complete data logging and process control system.

World leading robot manufacturer

MOTOMAN is the world’s largest robot manufacturer with a production rate of up to 24.000 robots per year. MOTOMAN, with its European headquarters in Kalmar, Sweden and Allershausen, Germany, is a subsidiary of the international YASKAWA Electric Corporation. MOTOMAN offers the widest range of robotic products, including application dedicated robots for welding, palletising, handling, painting and clean room applications, with payloads ranging from 3 to 600 kg. MOTOMAN installs turnkey systems and customised manufacturing solutions with the highest level of quality.

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