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Spot welding

Spot welding requires a heavy-duty robot to carry a spot welding gun and a power pack. MOTOMAN robots excel at this task.

Robotic spot welding the solution for high volume production
For high volume manufacturers who need to perform thousands of spot welds per shift, welding cycle time is critical. A MOTOMAN spot welding robot can position the welding gun with extreme accuracy and speed, reducing cycle times and thus increasing productivity.

We deliver complete solutions
YASKAWA offers complete welding solutions with either servo controlled or pneumatic spot welding equipment, tip dressers, fixtures, safety equipment etc. The ES series MOTOMAN robots are specifically designed to deliver unmatched performance and reliability in spot welding applications. Depending on your application it may also possible to hold the assembly in a gripper that is mounted on the robot and manipulate this through pedestal welder. This gives interesting possibilities for off loading of the finished assembly and allows customers to make further labour cost savings.