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Robotic palletising is an important application due to the speed and flexibility a robot offers compared to manual or dedicated palletising systems.

A MOTOMAN palletising robot from YASKAWA makes light work your of handling tasks
Health and safety requirements stipulate that a person is only allowed to lift a certain weight, which previously left companies with no other choice than to invest in mechanical handling equipment or automation. A dedicated palletising machine can be expensive and may have longer set up times if product sizes and stacking patterns vary. A robot offers much more flexibility at a reduced investment level.

The robot plays a central role
The robot collects boxes or bags from one or more positions and places them accordingly to a programmed pattern onto a pallet in a stable way that prevents the stack from tipping. In addition a robot can collect pre-grouped or multiple products in a single cycle increasing output.

MOTOMAN robots are a natural choice for palletising
The Motoman MPL range of dedicated 4-axes palletising robots are available in a number of different handling capacities from 50 to 800 kg to suit your exact application requirements. MotoPal palletising software speeds up programming MotoPal is a palletising interface that is displayed on the teach pendant making it possible to create robot programs, quickly and effectively without the need for in depth programming knowledge.