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Pallet repair

MOTOMAN robots can help to make savings in the high cost of timber.

YASKAWA can help to improve your production
In general the processes in this industry are sorting for recycle, repair or scrap followed by dismantling and repair. All of these rely on manual labour - up to now. The benefits of automating pallet repair are numerous. Health & Safety guidelines restrict manual handling of a typical 20 kg pallet above shoulder height, whilst some of the cutting and nailing tools are only allowed to be operated for a certain amount of time each day. The robot system provides the perfect solution alleviating your operators from potentially hazardous tasks, whilst achieving consistent output.

MOTOMAN robots are the heart of the system
With their proven reliability and low maintenance cost our MOTOMAN robots are the ideal machines to deliver both flexibility and ease of use in an automated pallet repair system. Apart from the robot such a system features a dedicated gripper unit that can handle the pallets, a hydraulic dismantling unit, a conveyor system and a Human Machine Interface (HMI). The operator enters onto the HMI which members need to be replaced and the system takes care of the rest, without the need for any robot programming.

Increased production volumes increase your profitability
Whilst an operator may be able to dismantle around 210 pallets per shift, the robot can achieve about 500 pallets thus more than doubling the output. Furthermore, in a double cell layout, it is possible to dismantle 1000 pallets in 8 hours, still with a single operator (the figures are based on studies at "Norrlandspallen", a major pallet repair company in Sweden).