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Material removal

MOTOMAN robots grind, de-burr and polish products beautifully.

The advantages of robotic material removal
With the flexibility, repeatability and extreme precision of MOTOMAN robots it is possible to grind, trim or polish almost any material to achieve a consistent high-quality finish. Whilst robotic material removal will also improve productivity, key here is consist quality, which is a challenge with a manual process. In addition the robot addresses health and safety issue related to manual processes.

Methods for handling the process with a robot
The two main approaches are either for the robot to hold the part or the tool. If the robot holds the part it possible to add value to the system by letting the robot unload the finished part onto a conveyor or similar. Thanks to the superb DX100 robot controller, it is also possible to have several robots working together for ultimate flexibility. One robot holds the part, whilst the other manipulates the tool.