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Assembly operations with MOTOMAN robots can make the process faster, improve efficiency and accuracy.

Robotic assembly offers many benefits
In assembly automation robots may be equipped with vision technology to accommodate e.g. inconsistently located parts or components. Robots can perform tedious and dull assembly tasks leaving factory personnel to do other jobs, whilst at the same time quality is improved.

Round the clock production is a cost effective option
Robots will work 24 hours a day all year round without the need for a break. They will eliminate downtime, reduce labour costs and provide a high return on investment.

Rely on on our expertise for your selection
There are many MOTOMAN robots that can be used for assembly tasks, but please consult our sales team in selecting the exact robot for your application.

Extreme flexibility
For extreme flexibility the 15 axes dual arm SDA10D and SDA20D MOTOMAN robots from YASKAWA have been designed to be space efficient and can be used in areas normally occupied by humans.